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Who We Are

HawkEye360 offers targeted product and business services, starting with market analysis to help companies find new customers.  We also can show you new product development methods that use open innovation strategies delivering these products quickly and with fewer resources.  More broadly, we offer a comprehensive improvement process to strengthen your company by assessing your business across all functional areas, guide you in creating a business plan to improve and grow, and chart a course to implement the plan using kaizen methodologies.

What We Do

Your business has a successful product, and you want to expand sales.  But where else does it meet a need?  With Market360, HawkEye360 uses the principal of technology driven market intelligence to identify new customers and markets, and how to position your existing product for these new applications.


You need a new product to fuel the growth of your company, but want an accelerated development to launch into the market to gain a competitive edge.  With Innovate360, HawkEye360 will introduce you to a rapid and logical way to add to your product portfolio using the principal of open innovation.

You want to improve your business, but where do you start?  Too often we've seen business owners consumed by working in the business, and not on the business.  Using our Improve360 methodology, HawkEye360 will provide the help and guidance to pivot and make the improvements that are needed.  You'll begin to see your business from all perspectives, in every functional area, and understand your strengths and weaknesses.  We'll provide a novel, structured process that steps you through the necessary phases: Assess and measure the current state of your company; Plan and chart a course to make improvements in the sequence that is most impactful; and Do the tactical activities tied to the Plan that give you the improvements necessary to grow and prosper you business.  When you start to implement your changes, we'll be there every step of the way.  And if you need help from a subject matter expert, we'll call on our network of business professionals and bring in the skill and expertise you need.

Why "HawkEye360"?  Hawks are well-known raptor birds that possess exceptional vision, both distance and color perception.  Similar to hawks, successful business owners also need exceptional vision as they develop their product and business strategy.  Like our namesake, HawkEye360 brings business vision and perception to your company to help see and understand things you may not grasp.   Bringing years of experience in technology and business process improvement, our goal is to guide you in new product development and select the business strategies that result in rapid, economical growth and profitability. 



How We Chose Our Name

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HawkEye360 Consulting | 4 Woodview Drive | Lakeville, MA  02347

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About Wayne Sula

As Principal Consultant of HawkEye360, Wayne Sula brings a wide and unique skill set that is directly applicable to many small businesses.  Trained as an Ocean Engineer at Florida Institute of Technology, he quickly was exposed to the world of high volume manufacturing as a mechanical design engineer of anti-submarine warfare products including air launched sonobuoys, submarine launched communication buoys, and expendable sonar training targets.  He transitioned into marketing and business development, initially within the defense industry but later in the water quality environmental instrumentation market.  There he excelled as a regional sales manager where he sold sophisticated instruments through direct efforts as well as management and support of manufacturer reps and major lab distributors.  He expanded his business skills by completing the Executive MBA program at Northeastern University, and broadened his manufacturing acumen by becoming both a certified lean manufacturing facilitator as well as a six sigma black belt.  At various points, he was deeply involved in the assessment and improvement of small manufacturing companies both on the shop floor and in the front office where he helped to assess and analyze the business to eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and set strategic business priorities for the owners.  He's also an avid road cyclist and has been a rider in the Pan Mass Challenge for 22 years.

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